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Running a Project

Collaborating with creators during the content creation phase

Once you have completed the steps outlined in the 'Starting a Project' article, your project will begin. During the running of the project, communication needs to be maintained between you (the client) and the creator(s) in the project.

The project management tool is only available for projects which are already confirmed and running i.e. POs have been issued to creators (and your financial responsibilities have been fulfilled). You can access these projects by clicking on 'My Projects' on top of your screen, and scrolling to the 'Confirmed' section. Then click on the project whose project management tool you would like to access, and start/continue working.


Figure 1: Accessing the confirmed and running projects

To access the project management tool for the project, click on the project  'Work' tab. 


Figure 2: The Project Management tool

In this tab, you will be able to see all the content creators collaborating on the project, as well as the contents they will be producing (see diagram above; left red box).

Click on any one creator's content (see diagram above; left green box). Doing so will let you chat with that content creator for that specific content. Use the chat box to communicate with the creator. This is particularly important if one content creator has multiple pieces of content to produce in that project. Your discussions will be specific for that content and minimize confusion for all parties. 

When you click on the '+' sign at the bottom of the screen (see diagram above), you will be presented with a menu, which lets you carry out certain "actions", such as:

  • setting the content publishing date
  • uploading files (to perhaps provide a reference to the creator)
  • completing the task - the content delivered to you is as per your requirement and satisfaction
  • contact support - to seek support from GetCraft's team

Figure 3: The menu with possible actions

Setting Publishing date:
This is to inform the creator when you would like the final version (after all revisions) of that particular piece of content to be delivered. Click on 'Set publish date' and in the subsequent pop-up, select the date you would like to set as the deadline for the finalized content to be delivered.
Note: You can still change the publishing date whenever you want, even after initially setting it to a particular date.


Figure 4: Setting the publish date for the specific content

You can then continue discussing the content in the chat, whether it is to discuss the brief, or just informing the creator about the draft content's delivery date.


Figure 5: You can inform the creator of the draft's submission date

Upload files:
You may be required to upload files, such as additional information for the brief (which cannot be added into the brief you've sent to the creators), or a reference for the creator. To upload a file, again, click on the '+' sign, and click on 'Upload file'. Find the file you would like to upload, in the file locator pop-up, and upload it. You will then be able to see a preview of the file you will be sending, and can also add a caption - to provide clarification notes to the creator.


Figure 6: Uploading files to send to creators

Once the revision iterations have been completed, and you are happy with the final content, you can complete that particular task i.e. that content is considered final and delivered. 

NOTE: For content creation projects (written, photography, videography, or design service-based), it means you will accept the content as the final delivery. For sponsored content projects, the project would be completed when the creator has posted the finalized content on their platform.


Figure 7: Finalizing the content from the creator

To complete the task, click on the '+' sign, and click on 'Complete task'. You will be asked if you would like to go ahead and complete the task. Do note, once you complete the task, no further changes can be made. This means you cannot request for any more revisions. Therefore, only complete the task when you are entirely satisfied with the content and do not need any more revisions. However, you could still go through your chat with the creator for a specific task even though the task has been completed.


Figure 8: Confirm if you would like to complete the task