Using the Marketplace

How to navigate the marketplace and view creators profiles and services.

Using the marketplace is easy; here's how to access the marketplace  and find creators that can create great content for your campaigns:

  1. To access the marketplace from your dashboard, click on 'Browse Services' on the top of your screen. 
Image 1-3

2. On the subsequent screen, choose the type of content you would like to purchase. You can change the type of content you want later in the marketplace.

image 2-3

Once on the marketplace, there are two ways to search for creators: by using the Search function, or by using the filters on the left hand side. 

image 3-1

a) Search - Type keywords or name of a creator in the box at the top of the page. 

image 4

b)Filters -this function allows you to specify multiple criteria at the same time (eg: Article for Beauty - Female written in Bahasa Indonesia to be published in Indonesia), resulting in a more focused search. 


Next, scroll down to select the Country you are looking to launch the campaign in, and the Language that you would like the content to be created in.

To browse for other content creators, simply click on the other content creator types, as seen on the top part of the filter.

image 6

3. Now that you have narrowed down your search for creators, you can view the creators' profiles and service samples that match your search criteria. Simply click on the title of the service card.


Clicking on the service cards will open up the creators portfolio to show you the creator's service description, rates... 

image 8

... and examples of their work.

image 9

This is a quick run through of the basic features on the marketplace, next up is to start building a brief and sending a pitch to your creators. 

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