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How does GetCraft work?

Everything you need to know about how GetCraft can benefit you or your company.


  • Discoverability: Creators and Clients find it difficult to find one another, know what content should cost, and have severely low access to data.
  • Briefs & Revisions: Poor briefs, leading to substandard work and excess rounds of revisions.
  • Payment: Creators not being paid fairly or on time.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Lack of willingness to share market data, or help educate.


  • Marketplace: Be discovered by clients based on the strength of your work and the metrics you can achieve that leads to repeat business.
  • Clear briefs & Collaboration: Clear briefs and consolidated feedback to help you scale your business and not sweat the small stuff!
  • Payment: Agree payment terms upfront and get paid on time!
  • Project Management: Manage all your projects end-to-end and be in control.


Now that you know what GetCraft is and how it works.

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