Strategic Service - Adding a Service

Adding a Strategic Service to the Marketplace.

To create a Strategic Service, click “Sell Services” (at the top of your screen, followed by “Add a new service”


Strategic service options are available so that you may offer creative services (in addition to content production or sponsored content) with specializations that include the following: marketing, media planning & buying, research (qualitative or quantitative), or technology development (CRM, e-commerce, mobile app development, UI/UX, etc.)


Adding a Service Card for Strategic Service

1. Service Title: Type in the name of your product (for example, 1x Mobile App Development for Apple App Store).

2. Service Type: From the drop down options, select the Service Type from the following options: Marketer, Media, Researcher or Tech Specialist.

3. Service Format: Select the subformat (for example, if you chose Marketer, you will have options such as Email Marketing, Event Marketing or SEO etc.).

4. Service Description: A clear description helps clients connect with you faster. Your description need not be too long as long as it covers the important points.

  • What is the service you are providing?
  • What are the details of that service?
  • What is unique about the service you provide?
  • What services does your rate cover? (e.g. For event marketing conceptualization, concept and strategy slides, production design and timeline are included; execution is not.)

Tip: Think of what you would want to see if you were searching for a service of this type and what would interest you as a viewer.

6. Service Topics: When adding topics, be sure they match the sample/s you have uploaded. This will help make search results more accurate, especially when clients are trying to locate people with your expertise, as well as services that specifically fit their requirement.

Note: We allow a maximum of 3 topics per service card.

7. Price per Day: When setting your starting price, enter a figure that covers the basic (daily) costs for the type of service you are offering. You may change your rate during the pitching stage, after the client gives you a clear brief and you know exactly what the underlying costs will be.


8. Service Cover: Add a picture as a Service Cover to show the example of the service/s you provide. This will be the first picture that brands will see on the Marketplace, so make it a good one!

Note: File size limit is up to 5MB and 400x400 pixels, file formats .jpg or .png.

After completing the steps above, click "Save & Continue".


9. Adding Service Samples: Click on the "Upload Example of Your Work" box,select the images relevant to your service, and crop as per your requirement. The images will appear at their original size when a potential client clicks on them.

Note: File formats and sizes accepted:

  • Images: .jpg, .png, .pdf up to 5MB and 400x400 pixels.
  • Video: .mp4, .mov up to 500MB (recommended).

Please wait a few seconds for the upload to start.


10. Once you have uploaded all your samples that fit the type, format and topics you indicated, click "Back to Service Preview." You have now created a service card for Strategic Service.

Your Service Cards will remain "On Review" until the GetCraft Team has properly vetted and approved both Service Cards and Service Samples. Once approved, they will appear on the Marketplace.