Managing a Project - Writer

Know the campaign objectives, the timeline and where to send your content to

If you have been finalized as one of the writers for an upcoming campaign, some of the steps to get you started will be different than the creators of other content types. You will receive the following from our Customer Excellence (CX) team PIC for the project:


  • The Timeline - The timeline tells you of all the key dates in the project, primarily when you should send the draft content for the client to view, when you should be expecting feedback, when you should send the final revised content (based on the feedback), and when you should post the content online.

The picture above shows you an example of a timeline for an writer (Banana Man) who is expected to produce 2 articles for the Banana and Cream campaign. The dates with Yellow highlights indicate actions from the writer and the Orange highlights indicate actions from clients/GetCraft.

NOTE: The dates shown above are only estimates; actual campaign milestones may vary depending on the campaign and number of articles to be produced.


  • Submission Folder - This will be created and shared by the CX PIC, where all the content you create will be uploaded. For written content, GetCraft uses ContentSuite (by GatherContent), which is a CMS. All your ideations and article drafts/final copy can be uploaded here. Clients, as well as GetCraft, will have access to the folder, so everyone can track the progress in real-time, and make comments/notes in the relevant sections. If you are producing multiple articles, you will be given an individual submission folder for each article you write.

If you are writing for GetCraft for the first time, you will also be sent an onboarding document, which guides you through the process of using ContentSuite for producing written content. You will also get the content brief on ContentSuite.


  • The Brief - The brief is provided by the client and GetCraft to help you better understand the objectives of the upcoming campaign. This will be visible in ContentSuite itself; if you have multiple submissions, each article will have its own brief. The brief contains the following information:

a) Details about the client and their product/service, and some information about their upcoming campaign

b) Information about the content to be produced - This includes a creative idea for story - what should the content (text) convey and things to include in the posts (such as tags to specific social media pages, website links, etc.). If you are contributing multiple pieces content (eg. 2 article) and/or types of content (1 article and 1 whitepaper), individual briefs will be given for each piece of content, which will explain what is expected from each content (as seen in the sample brief above). Each content's brief can be accessed in its individual submission folder.

c) Information about the target audience (demographics and psychographic) - understanding this will help you in better engaging the audience's attention and maximize your outreach.

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