Managing Members in Your Workspace

How to invite, manage and remove members or collaborators from your workspace.

Click on your username on the top right side of your screen, and from the down menu, select 'Manage Members'.

  1. Inviting members: In the 'Invite by email' section, type in the email address of the person that you wish to invite to your workspace.
image 1-6

You can invite various member types to your workspace:

  • Coworkers to help manage the profile, add/update products, adjust rates etc. 
  • Collaborators: to help you on projects. 

2. Managing Members: You can view all the members invited to your workspace on the same page at the bottom.

image 2-7

3. Removing members: To remove member(s), simply click on the trash icon to the right of the name that you wish to remove.

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