Project Cancellation - Pitching Stage

Understand why you cannot pitch for a project, despite being invited

It could so happen that you were sent an invitation to pitch for an upcoming project, though before you could send your pitch to the client, the project got cancelled.

This could have happened for a few reasons:

  • Change in project requirements - The client may have created the brief based on initial requirements, but later realised that the project brief required a major overhaul.
  • Not enough creators were interested in the project  - Often, projects require multiple creators contributing content. It may happen that not all the creators invited to pitch for the project were interested or a match for the project.
  • Other creators not responding on time - As projects have deadlines, each milestone of the project (pitching, ideation, drafting, final content delivery) has to be met at a specific time. The client may have sent invitations to pitch to multiple creators - including you. Even though you may sent in your pitch on time, others may not have. This would affect the project timeline for the client, and they may feel that running the project in a tight timeline may not be feasible for them.
  • Clients' priorities change - Clients often begin projects but are not able to foresee the unexpected, which would require their immediate attention, hence they may have to cancel the project.

If the project has been cancelled for any of the aforementioned reasons, but the client would still like to go through with the project and you have already submitted your pitch, they will very likely re invite you to pitch for their 'new' project.

Even if the client decides to completely abandon the project and not create a new one, please do not be put off by the cancellation, as we do appreciate you taking the time to come up with an idea. The goal from GetCraft is to keep on getting you more briefs, and we ultimately hope more business.