Running a Project

Running a project and collaborating with the client

Once your pitched for the campaign have been selected, your project will begin. During the running of the project, communication needs to be maintained between you (the creator) and the client in the project.

The project management tool is only available for projects which are already confirmed and running i.e. POs have been issued to you . You can access these projects by clicking on 'My Projects' on top of your screen, and scrolling to the 'Confirmed' section. Then click on the project whose project management tool you would like to access, and start/continue working.


Figure 1: Accessing the confirmed and running projects

To access the project management tool for the project, click on the project  'Work' tab.


Figure 2: The Project Management tool

In this tab, you will be able to see all the contents you will be producing for the client in the project (see diagram above; left red box). 

Clicking on any one content (see diagram above; left green box). Doing so will let you chat with the client for that specific content. This is particularly important if you are working on multiple pieces of content in the same project. Your discussions will be specific for that content and minimize confusion for all parties. You could discuss anything, such as the brief, ask for the submission deadline, ask for reference, or anything pertaining to the project.


Figure 3: Client setting the publishing date

As you can see above, the client's side of the tool allows them to set the publishing date for each specific content (see diagram above; center red box). This will also be reflected in the summary view - as seen in the left pane (see diagram above; left green box).

This tool is built to help you work efficiently, and if you would like to request for some change, such as publishing date, you can always discuss matters with the client and request for a change.


Figure 4: The chat function

To upload files to share with the client - either as a reference for your idea, or for content submission - click on the '+' sign at the bottom of the project management tool (beside the chat box). From the subsequent menu, select 'Upload File'. To request for assistance from GetCraft's team at any phase of the content's production, select 'Contact support'.


Figure 5: Menu to upload file or contacting support

Once you have submitted your content, the client will review it. The client may deem the content as per their requirement and accept it or request for revision (or ask for another piece of work just to have options to consider).


Figure 6: The chat function

Once you have submitted the revised content, and the client accepts it, they will let you know, and that particular content submission (referred to as 'Task') will be completed.

NOTE: For content creation projects (written, photography, videography, or design service-based), it means the content you submitted will be considered as the final delivery. For sponsored content projects, the project would be completed when you have posted the finalized content on the agreed platform (social media, your website, etc.). 

For sponsored content projects, make sure you share the link of the final content which has been uploaded onto the platform, for the client to see.


Figure 7: For sponsored content, share the link to the uploaded content.

Once the client has reviewed the uploaded content, they will then complete the task.

Note: Once the task is complete, the client cannot request for any more changes. You could, however, continue chatting with the client in that content's chat.


Figure 8: Client will indicate the task has been completed (Final content delivered) after they are satisfied with the final submission.