Submitting an Idea/Pitch

Know how to submit a pitch idea and get feedback and approvals

Now that you have received an invitation to pitch, you have 2 options:

  • Submit Pitch (your ideas) - if you are interested in the project. If you are interested in submitting a pitch, simply access the project you've been invited to, click on 'Submitted quotes' tab, and click on the 'Submit quote' button.
  • Withdraw from project - if your service is no longer available, you're busy with another project, or simply because the brief's requirements don't match your skill set.
submitted quote

submit quote

Figure 1: Choose whether you would like to be submit an idea or not.

When you are pitching to the client, explain your idea within the 'What is your creative idea?' section (see Figure 2 below). Make sure you are as thorough as possible so the client can clearly understand what you will be producing and can give you feedback immediately.

If possible, submit a visual reference to aid your explanation/pitch, in the 'Reference' section. This does not necessarily have to be your previous work; it could be from another creator. Use it just for reference but do not plagiarize.

describe your idea

referrence box

Figure 2: Submitting your quote and creative idea

When you scroll down further, you will be asked to enter certain information about the content:

  • the rate you would like to charge the client per content piece
  • the quantity of content you can produce
  • the number of views you can guarantee for each content (for sponsored content only)
price summary

Figure 3: Entering your rates, and views you can guarantee (for sponsored content only)

Note: the cost you enter does not need to match your service card; you can charge a different rates based on the brief (and requirements) from clients (e.g. client needs you to take the picture in their office in another city, hence you could include travel expenses). 

However, make sure you clarify in your pitch that you will be charging slightly more than usual and give an explanation.

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